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Whether looking for a trustworthy person, getting ready for a date, or just curious about your new next-door neighbor, a Terrebonne Parish criminal record check can offer reassurance. With the knowledge about an individual’s past convictions, you’re better equipped to make an informed decision about the level of trust you place in them.

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Local Sources For Terrebonne Parish Louisiana Criminal Records

32nd District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
7856 Main St Houma, LA 70361
Web Lookup
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office (TPSO)
3441 W Park Ave, Gray, LA 70359
Phone: (985) 876-2500
Most Wanted
Jail Inmate and Warrants
Sex Offenders

Houma Police Department
500 Honduras St, Houma, LA 70360
Phone: (985) 873-6371
Public Records Request

Terrebonne Parish Court Records

One way to conduct Terrebonne Parish criminal records inspection is by looking at court records. These records trace an individual’s arrest, charge, or conviction history. Therefore, if you know the court and have the person’s name, you can use these records to establish their criminal history.

Terrebonne Parish Police Records

Police records in Terrebonne Parish LA can supply substantial details about an individual, encompassing their arrest history and traffic violations. However, not all police records are openly available; some are kept private by the police departments.

Reports Of Arrests

Arrest records provide important insights into somebody’s Terrebonne Parish criminal history, but getting public arrest records can be complicated. This is primarily because they are frequently kept locally by sheriff’s offices, each with a distinctive search process. Numerous sheriff departments keep websites that list information about arrest records and recent arrests.

Reports Of Inmates

Call the county jail where the inmate is held to obtain the most accurate and existing information.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Background checks can reveal infractions in Terrebonne Parish LA. The level of information, however, depends on the nature of the check. For instance, a detailed criminal background check will penetrate for any committed infractions, whereas a basic background check may show major crimes.


Although Terrebonne Parish misdemeanors are less serious than convictions, they can significantly affect your life. A criminal record with a misdemeanor might hinder some opportunities.

Terrebonne Parish Felony Records

Usually, criminal history checks expose most committed Terrebonne Parish felonies. However, there are exceptions and methods to prevent displaying a felony on your record. One such way is through expungement, a procedure where the court seals your criminal history, making it unattainable to the public.

Listings Of Terrebonne Parish Sexual Offenders

A background check typically consists of an evaluation of the Terrebonne Parish sex offender registry. This registry contains details on individuals convicted of sex crimes, and people use it to ensure they’re not working with somebody with a history of sexual offenses.

Terrebonne Parish Dui and Dwi Cases

Terrebonne Parish DUI convictions yield a range of penalties subject to the case’s specifics. The effects can vary from fines to jail sentences and, in some cases, a suspension or revocation of the offender’s driver’s license. The harshest penalties are usually applied in circumstances of multiple DUI convictions or annoying aspects, such as causing an accident or inflicting injury on someone.

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