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Whether for personal safety, such as learning the history of a potential date, or for other functions, you might find yourself needing to access criminal records. There are a couple of methods to obtain Tangipahoa Parish criminal records.

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Tangipahoa Parish Criminal Records Search: History/Case Check in Louisiana

21st District (Felony, Misdemeanor)
110 N Bay St, Ste 100 Amite, LA 70422
Web Lookup
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office (TPSO)
15475 W Club Deluxe Rd, Hammond, LA 70403
Phone: (985) 345-6150
Criminal Records Division
Sex Offender

Hammond Police Department
120 S Oak St, Hammond, LA 70401
Phone: (985) 277-5700
City Court Warrant Lookup
Sex Offenders

Tangipahoa Parish Court Records

While many criminal court records are publicly accessible, certain records, like juvenile ones, stay private. To conduct a court record search, knowing the person’s name, address, and contact number is key. Local Tangipahoa Parish court clerks can help acquire these records.

Tangipahoa Parish Police Records

Amongst the avenues to access Tangipahoa Parish criminal records, police records are perhaps the most trustworthy. They consist of comprehensive information, including criminal cases reported to the department. To retrieve the criminal records of a particular individual, working with the police or sheriff’s department can be done.

Reports Of Arrests

Police and sheriff’s offices in Tangipahoa Parish LA keep public records of all arrests within their jurisdiction. These can be accessed online or in person at the sheriff’s department. Having the name and birth date of the individual is helpful for arrest record searches.

Reports Of Inmates

Understanding the system and your rights is necessary to find information about an inmate. Counties, states, and federal authorities maintain records of all inmates in their system, which can be accessed online or by directly contacting them.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Tangipahoa Parish LA are minor offenses that lead to fines. While less extreme than felonies, they can add points to a license.


Tangipahoa Parish misdemeanors, although less serious than felonies, can still yield jail time, fines, and a criminal record.

Tangipahoa Parish Felony Records

Tangipahoa Parish felony convictions appear in criminal background checks, potentially limiting opportunities due to people’s hesitation to work with convicted felons. As the most serious criminal charge category, a felony can result in extreme penalties, including extended prison sentences and substantial fines.

Listings Of Tangipahoa Parish Sexual Offenders

The Tangipahoa Parish sex offender registry lists people convicted of sex crimes. It acts as a tool for police and the general public to track where sex offenders live and work, offering information about their convictions and any activity restrictions.

Tangipahoa Parish Dui and Dwi Cases

DUI penalties differ from state to state, but the objectives are to punish drunk drivers and motivate their recovery. The penalty’s seriousness depends on the offense’s nature and jurisdiction. First-time offenders face less serious sentences than repeat offenders, who are subject to harsher penalties such as longer jail sentences and higher fines in Tangipahoa Parish LA.

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