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Carrying out a Rapides Parish criminal record search is an effective way to view an individual’s complete criminal history. This practice can be useful for vetting people. You can conduct this search through private online databases, which gather information from various sources like court and police records and other records. Additionally, you can work with the county clerk in the area where the crime took place.

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Local Sources For Rapides Parish Louisiana Criminal Records

9th District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
701 Murray St, Ste 102 Alexandria, LA 71301
Web Lookup
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office (RPSO)
700 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301
Phone: (318) 473-6700
Criminal Records
Inmate Inquiry
Sex Offender Lookup

Alexandria Police Department
1000 Bolton Ave, Alexandria, LA 71301
Phone: (318) 449-5099
Records Division

Rapides Parish Court Records

Among the most reliable ways to uncover an individual’s Rapides Parish criminal history is by browsing court records. Being public records, court records are usually accessible to anyone, barring certain exceptions like sealed or expunged records. You can go to the courthouse and request records from the clerk or utilize an online court record search tool if one if available.

Rapides Parish Police Records

Accessing public records can offer insight into an individual’s criminal past in Rapides Parish LA, which can assist you in making informed decisions about your association with them. Numerous approaches exist to get public police records, including visiting your local sheriff or police headquarters. Most departments have a records division that can supply criminal history information.

Reports Of Arrests

Another common way to search criminal records is through public Rapides Parish arrest records, which can be accessed at the law enforcement office or online.

Reports Of Inmates

Several approaches exist to access Rapides Parish inmate records, consisting of contacting the jail where the inmate is housed, which can supply record copies and a list of all current inmates, or checking the state DOC for prison inmates.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Rapides Parish infractions are small offenses, like traffic violations or littering, not classified as crimes and usually punishable with a small fine. Nevertheless, infractions can come with community service or comparable punishments. Infractions leading to accidents or property damage can get upgraded to misdemeanors.


Misdemeanors in Rapides Parish LA can considerably impact background checks as they constitute part of an individual’s criminal record.

Rapides Parish Felony Records

To gain access to Rapides Parish felony records, you could contact your local law enforcement agency, much of which maintains online databases for the public to gain access to. Alternatively, background check services frequently provide access to public records, enabling you to discover if somebody has a felony on their record.

Listings Of Rapides Parish Sexual Offenders

To identify neighboring Rapides Parish sex offenders, contact your local police agency or check your state’s online resources for sex offender information.

Rapides Parish Dui and Dwi Cases

A Rapides Parish DUI can intensify to a more severe offense in certain situations, such as when driving while intoxicated results in severe injury or death. Many states enforce fines and community service for a first DUI offense, possibly suspending the driver’s license. A second or subsequent DUI offense typically certifies as a felony, bringing the possibility for a prison sentence.

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