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It is essential to understand the distinction between a Ouachita Parish arrest and a search warrant. A person is arrested when the authorities physically seize them for questioning or transport them back to jail. A search is when police collect evidence from a particular location.
Before law enforcement personnel can make an arrest or perform a search, a warrant is typically required. Various types exist, but search warrants and arrest warrants are the most prevalent.
A judge or magistrate issues an arrest warrant. It authorizes law enforcement personnel to arrest anyone accused of committing a crime. For the police to get an arrest warrant, they must produce evidence.

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Ouachita Parish, Louisiana-Specific Data.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO Warrant Search)
400 St John St, Monroe, LA 71201
Phone: (318) 329-1200

Monroe Police Department
700 Wood St, Monroe, LA 71201
Phone: (318) 329-2600
Most Wanted

4th District (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Probate, Eviction, Family)
301 S Grand St, Ste 104 Monroe, LA 71201
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

West Monroe Police Department
2301 N 7th St, West Monroe, LA 71291
Phone: (318) 396-2722

Online Warrant Search For Ouachita Parish

There are numerous internet options for locating warrant records for your Ouachita Parish warrant search. Utilizing public records databases is one option. These databases enable warrant searches by name or location.
A database of criminal court records can be utilized to locate warrant information. Typically, these databases contain extensive information regarding criminal offenses, including arrests and warrants.

The Availability Of Court Documents

If you feel you are the subject of a current arrest warrant, you can use the courts to view the relevant documents.
A clerk will let you know whether you have an outstanding warrant or you can check the Ouachita Parish court database.

Search Warrant Issued by the Sheriff of Ouachita Parish

You can access Ouachita Parish warrant information through your local sheriff’s office. First, you must know the name and date of birth of the individual you are trying to locate. The second piece of information needed is the county where the warrant was issued. Contacting the sheriff of that county and requesting the records department is the final step. They will be able to assist you in locating the required information.

Bench Warrants from the Ouachita Parish

Bench warrants can be issued for those who miss court dates or disregard court orders. A Ouachita Parish bench warrant can be used to hold and transport an individual to court.
They are subject to random arrest and could be detained until the date designated by the judge.

List of Ouachita Parish Arrest Warrants

A judge has to ability to approve a Ouachita Parish arrest warrant. It allows police to arrest a person accused of committing a crime. It indicates that there’s reasonable suspicion the accused has committed a crime.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

A fugitive warrant may be issued for a person accused of a crime who leaves the jurisdiction to evade arrest.

Search Warrant

Unless the Ouachita Parish police have your permission to search your property or there are exigent circumstances, a search warrant is required.
Exigent circumstances are situations in which authorities fear the public is in danger or a criminal can escape.

Free Ouachita Parish Warrant Searches

Court records are accessible to the public. Using Ouachita Parish court records, you can search warrant records online for free.
The court docket is a listing of all cases filed with a court. You can conduct a warrant search online or in person at the court clerk’s office.

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