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It is challenging to comprehend warrants without knowing the distinction between an arrest and a search.
When Lafayette Parish authorities take someone into custody to question them or bring them to jail, this is an arrest.
A search is when police locate evidence at a specific location.
Before making an arrest or performing a search, law enforcement agents need a warrant. There are numerous varieties of warrants. The most prevalent ones are search and arrest warrants.
A court issues an arrest warrant and authorizes law enforcement officials to apprehend someone accused of committing a crime. To get an arrest warrant, the police must present evidence to the judge.

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Lafayette Parish, Louisiana-Specific Data.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO Warrant Search)
316 W Main St, Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: (337) 232-9211
Warrant Search

15th District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
800 S Buchanan St Lafayette, LA 70501
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Lafayette Police Department
900 E University Ave, Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: (337) 291-8600
Warrant Search

Youngsville Police Department
304 4th St, Youngsville, LA 70592
Phone: (337) 856-5931

Online Warrant Search For Lafayette Parish

There are numerous ways to check for warrant records online. A search engine for public records is one approach to locating warrant records online. This search engine allows you to look up warrants by name for your Lafayette Parish warrant search.
A database of criminal court records can also be searched for warrant information. Frequently, these databases contain extensive details about criminal offenses, such as arrests and warrants.

The Availability Of Court Documents

If you fear you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you can use Lafayette Parish court records. The clerk or a public database can tell you if you have an active arrest warrant.

Search Warrant Issued by the Sheriff of Lafayette Parish

If you wish to check warrant information with the Lafayette Parish sheriff’s office, you must have certain details:
You will need the individual’s name and date of birth.
You must specify the county where the warrant was issued.
Call the county sheriff’s office to request the records department.
They can assist you in locating the needed information.

Bench Warrants from the Lafayette Parish

A bench warrant is a court order to have an individual arrested and taken to court. A Lafayette Parish bench warrant is issued for those who fail or refuse to appear in court or comply with court directions.
The individual may be arrested and detained until their court date.

List of Lafayette Parish Arrest Warrants

A warrant for arrest is a document issued by a Lafayette Parish judge on behalf of the State. This gives police the authority to arrest a person accused of committing a crime. A warrant must be supported by probable cause or reasonable suspicion that the subject has committed a crime.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

A fugitive warrant may be issued if a suspect is accused of a crime and departs the jurisdiction where they will be tried.

Search Warrant

A search of your home or company requires a search warrant in Lafayette Parish. Unless you consent or exigent circumstances exist, the police will need the warrant to search your property.

Free Lafayette Parish Warrant Searches

Court documents can be utilized for free warrant record searches in Lafayette Parish LA. The public has access to court records.
You will need to examine the court docket for warrant records. The court docket contains a list of all pending cases. You can conduct an online docket search or contact the court clerk’s office to obtain warrant records.

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