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Searching for Lafayette criminal records can provide a thorough account of an individual’s criminal history. Searchers typically use such criminal records to establish if someone has a criminal history of major crimes.

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Local Specifics for:
Lafayette Parish Criminal Records

Local Sources For Lafayette Louisiana Criminal Records

Lafayette Police Department
900 E University Ave, Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: (337) 291-8600
Public Information Request
Warrant Search

15th District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
800 S Buchanan St Lafayette, LA 70501
Web Lookup
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO)
316 W Main St, Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: (337) 232-9211
Warrant Search
See Who is in Jail
Records Department
Sex Offender Registry

Lafayette City Court
105 E Convent St, Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: (337) 291-8720
Outstanding warrants

Lafayette Court Records

Courts maintain records of all cases presented before them, typically available to the public. Your local Lafayette court database is a prime starting point if you’re seeking criminal records.

Lafayette Police Records

Ensuring the safety of your family is critical. One method to achieve this is by being informed about the Lafayette criminal history of those in your life. This can involve running background checks on people. The Freedom of Information Act helps request and invoice police records, offering important insights into somebody’s criminal past.

Reports Of Arrests

Local sheriffs and Lafayette police departments maintain arrest records publicly available. These records work for performing a criminal background check and might consist of details such as the suspect’s name, crime, arrest location, and physical characteristics.

Reports Of Inmates

Inmate records can be challenging to locate, given their circulation throughout various agencies and locations. You can work with local Lafayette jails, the state department of Corrections, and the federal Bureau of Prisons to acquire inmate records.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Lafayette infractions make up small offenses that sustain penalties like fines but not jail time.


Lafayette misdemeanor criminal activities include assault, battery, theft, shoplifting, trespassing, vandalism, and disorderly conduct.

Lafayette Felony Records

The primary method to check Lafayette felony records is with local courts, much of which provide online databases. You can still call them directly if an online database isn’t offered.

Listings Of Lafayette Sexual Offenders

Checking the local Lafayette sex offender registry ascertains if any registered sex offenders reside in the area. These databases are offered a the local, state, and nationwide levels.

Lafayette Dui and Dwi Cases

Driving under the influence, likewise called impaired driving, laws differ by state. However, it’s generally prohibited to use a car with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) going beyond 0.08%.

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